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Alex Liros

1973-6 studied drawing and painting under Pat Durr, Ottawa Municipal Art Centre
1976-7 studied anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa
1968    B.A.. cum laude, Sir George Williams University (now Concordia University)
1969    B.L.S. University of Toronto
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solo shows        
2016     “Men at work 4”, Cell Gallery at Gallery 1313, Toronto                                        
2014    “Alex Liros: retrospective [1982-1993]”, Liros Gallery, Blue Hill, Maine
2013    “Men at work III”, Cell Gallery, Gallery 1313, Toronto
2011    “Men at work II”, Cell Gallery at Gallery 1313, Toronto
2009    "Late Woodland", Cell Gallery at Gallery 1313, Toronto
2007    “Pipeline works” (Men at work I), Process Gallery at Gallery 1313, Toronto
2002-2006    “War Album series”, Cell Gallery at Gallery 1313, Toronto
2000    "Kuban: the flood plain", Gallery 1313, Toronto  
1997    "Hard divisions", Cedar Ridge Studio Gallery, Toronto   
1995    "Carroll St. series: pots, chairs, dumbbells", Barbwire
1993-1995  "Carroll St. series”, Gallery 306, Toronto
1991    "Quadri e uomini in fede", Gallery 306, Toronto   
1989   "Saul among the sumac", sculpture/installation, North Shore Art Gallery, Sydenham, Ontario
1986    show of sculpture, Sparkes Gallery, Toronto
1985    show of drawings, A Different Light, Los Angeles
two-man shows
1996-1997   “Spring roll", “Prophesies”, with Howard Podeswa, Gallery 306, Toronto
1990            "Beaux among the sumac" installation, with Gerrard Pook, North Shore Art Gallery,         Sydenham, Ontario
1987-1989    collaborative work with Gerrard Pook, Kozak Gallery, Toronto                                                                        
group shows
2010     “Holiday small works show”, Loop Gallery, Toronto
2010     “Members holiday exhibition”,  Gallery 1313, Toronto
2010    “Multifacited”, members’ group show, Gallery 1313, Toronto
2007    “Spirit of resistance”, retrospective of JAC* work, O’Connor Gallery, Toronto
2005    “Life in the bike lane”, curated by Rupen, Off the Wall Gallery, Toronto
2001-2005    group shows at Fran Hill Gallery, Toronto            
1998-2008      group shows at Gallery 1313, Toronto
1998 “What's in a name?", with Howard Podeswa, Gerrard Pook and Joy Walker, Gallery 306, Toronto
1997-1998 Body expressions II and II",  The Gallery at Neilson Park Creative Centre, Toronto
1995 "TWIST", with Howard Podeswa, Sybil Goldstein, Rae Johnson, 80 Spadiina, Toronto   
1991-1994 group shows with Gallery without Walls at Beaver Hal, Toronto
1991    "Sex and identity", Artefect, Toronto
     1989  "The erotic show", works on paper, Artefect, Toronto
1988, 1991   “The erotic show” and  "23 pieces", Artefec, Torontot
     1988   sculpture, North Shore Art Gallery, Sydenham, Ontario
     1988-1989  “Mad love III and IV; lesbian and gay show at Axe St. Arena, Chicago           
1986-88  International Exhibition of Miniature Art, Del Bello Gallery, Toronto
1985    "Gay gaze", ARC, Toronto
1984  "Festival of the dead", Punchinello Gallery, Toronto
1982    "Celebration", a gay show,  ARC, Toronto
1981    "Edifice/orifice", ChromaZone, Toronto

reviews, art in publication
2010   JAC audio link (John Lidolt interviews Alex Liros, with slides, July 12,  2008):  2010 "Do you know JAC?" [interview with Alex Liros], by John Lidolt, Xtra!, Jan. 14, 2010  
2007  “Spirit of resistance”, by Daryl Vocat on JAC, Xtra!, Feb.1, supplement
2005   War Album: Wedding reproduced in CARFAC's Dispatch, Feb. 2005
2003  "The familiar face of war", by Peter Goddard, The Toronto Star, Feb.22, 2003
1995  "Toronto: three alternate shows/TWIST at 80 Spadina" by Virginia MacDonnell in Artfocus Fall '95
1992   special issue on artist/librarian,  Art Libraries Journal
1991   review of Gallery 306 show by George Olds in Xtra!
1990   "Footnote to a crisis", review of Clinical notes show by Michael Allen, Xtra!
1989    review of “Poles of desire”, Kozak Gallery, by Michael Allen, Xtra!
1988    "Double vision", Kozak Gallery, by Andrew McPhail, Xtra!
1988    various reviews of  "Showing our face" (co-curator), Xtra!, Rites, Broadside, etc,  reproduction of                   reproduction of a sculpture in review of "Gay gaze" by John Bentley Mays, Globe & Mail           

1999-  member of Gallery 1313, an artist-run collective
1996   co-curator of "JAC at Xtra!", restrospective JAC show commemorating  the 15th anniveraryice raids on gay baths, Xtra! office
1995-1998  board member of Gallery 306, Toronto
1992-93   co-ordinator of drawing workshop at 519 Community Centre, Toronto
1987-2000    member of CARFAC Ontario
1987  co-curator of "Showing our face: a lesbian and gay portrait show", Sparkes Gallery, Toronto
1985-1987 member of the board of Sparkes Gallery, Toronto
1980-1988  member of JAC, a gay art collective
1977-1978  gave private drawing lessons in Amsterdam

1997, 1996, 1995, 1994, 1993     Exhibition Assistance Grants, Ontario Arts Council
1987    Gay Community Appeal grant for co-curating "Showing our face",  Sparkes Gallery, Toronto
1983    Canada Council project grant for JAC’s talk and show at Gallery 101, Ottawa         
     *JAC=a gay collective 1980-1988 (John Grube, Alex Liros, Clarence Barnes)